Q&A Community Chat

Welcome to Inferno

Use this page to leave comments, leave a review, chat with others in the community, ask questions, leave requests.

You’re welcome to comment on posts too, but this will provide all a place to chit chat. Kim will attempt to respond to as many as possible. Speak freely, if anyone pushes a boundary, the King and Queen of the Awakened will deal with them.

Got a question for a character you’d like answered in an upcoming blog? Ask away. A request for information you’d like to know that wasn’t delved into in the world? Post below.

If you find information that remains weird, or strange creatures, please drop a comment on so it can be dealt with. This site will be undergoing constant change so something may intend to be fixed and completely overlooked. We would sincerely appreciate your help with that.

This goes for the books too. You’re always welcome to let us know anything below.

One thought on “Q&A Community Chat”

  1. Love the new site. All my favorite books in one spot. Looking forward to all the new goodies as they appear.

    Anyone out there wanna talk about your favorite character(s)? I am smitten with Kober, Sean, and Cage. The mysterious men intrigue me!


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