Fury of a Queen

The Queen of the Awakened has been quiet. She honored the pact she made to stay away from her daughter, Kylarra. To let her have her own life.

The problem she faces are the feelings she has been experiencing. The premonitory dreams she’s had. The anger that is building. Then one of her own calls her down to Inferno and she finds out her daughter has been there? That people are keeping things secret from her?

Kat doesn’t handle secrets well. Even more when they have to do with her daughter.

Are they prepared for what comes next? Are they prepared for the fury of a Queen?

This is the beginning of the end in the Eternal Souls Universewhich is the final installment in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe from Kim Iverson. A paranormal romance world where Lycaen, Vampires, and Enchantresses all come out of the dark to turn your world upside down.

Series title: Eternal Soul Universe

  1. Fury of a Queen
  2. Discovery of an Enchantress
  3. War of the Lycaen

This series is part of the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe. At the bottom of this page you’ll find all the books connected to the DMDU world.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Thriller, Supernatural Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Speculative Fiction , Dark Fantasy

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Paperback can be found at all major retailers and many smaller stores.

Read the First Chapter here –

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