Dark Illusions Series

Ready to take a step into the darkness from writer Kimberly Sue Iverson? In this paranormal romantic series, you’ll find the sounds you hear at night . . . aren’t nothing. Dark fantasies and fears collide. Come in if you’re brave. The Beginning is just that . . . the beginning.

Dark Illusions is the first series in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a bulleted list of the entirety of that world and all stories connected.

Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition

Step into the darkness and find out about Julian, the Prince of the Awakened. A being that we never see, but who always maintains order so that we never have to know that the Awakened lurk at night. One who has ruled for centuries and fought many wars we know nothing about to keep us safe and naive to what really exists out there . . . until another clan crosses a line and attempts to claim a human without his permission, but who may well be his undoing – Kat.


Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Extended Edition

Kat’s entire world has been turned upside down and things she only ever dreamed about suddenly are in her face demanding stuff of her she doesn’t want to give into. All she wants to know is why she always feels pain deep down inside from a man who swore he’d take care of her, and why suddenly she is at the center of a war that has been raging for centuries. Why is she in the middle of this no matter how much she doesn’t want to be?


Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter – Extended Edition

They’ve kept secrets from her. All this time, all the ones who kept telling her one thing, only to do another. Now . . . now she knows why. Now she’s beginning to truly understand that they’ve been trying to temper her, trying to cage her, and Kat has had enough . . . stand down Prince and get out of her way, or prepare for war. Because the only one who can stop her now? Is a King that doesn’t exist.


Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world order

  1. Dark Illusions Series
  2. Enchanting the Moon Series
  3. Dynasty of Moirae Series
  4. Eternal Souls Universe Series

Ready to begin?

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