Stefan and Mina/Mila’s castle

Stefan, take it away.

I wanted a home Mina could feel safe in. She’d spent so long victim to Holt’s frights that when I searched for a home where we could build a family, I wanted to find a space she knew – he would never again be able to destroy her peace. It wasn’t as grand as many may have assumed. If anything, it was a simple space. Empty, void of life.

I knew . . . she would fill it with love and life, and I would fill it with every comfort she could ever need.

Here are some images that represent what it may have looked like. For the oddest reason, there has never been an ability to photograph it. I have done my very best to find images to give you the best idea possible on what our home appears like.

Made of stone, yes, but more in the style perhaps of a monastery or church than your typical “castle,” as one expects.

When I lost Mina, Holt imbued the stones with some sort of spell so that I spent many a night waking and believing her there. It was never to be. It grew to the point I understood that the only way forward was to burn it down to the ground. Little did I know, that was what would finally free her and I from those nightmares.

When we defeated Holt, all the magic he’d ever put upon the stones was erased. As the fire cleansed it as well.

I hope one day to restore it to its full glory.

The castle is located at Discovery Cliff, WA. (False name – modeled after Deception Pass, in WA state.)

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